USPS Premium Tracking

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USPS Premium Tracking

Postby Recluse » Wed Feb 05, 2020

Whats up? USPS is offering "premium tracking" for additional money?
What do you suppose that amounts to?

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Re: USPS Premium Tracking

Postby natsb88 » Wed Feb 05, 2020

The tracking history is saved and available longer on the USPS website :roll:

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Re: USPS Premium Tracking

Postby Silversummit » Wed Feb 05, 2020

Both fed ex and ups offer the same but also lets you do some scheduling to your delivery, but personally I'm not concerned enough to pay for the extras. I see my packages tour the country sometimes, but luckily they all arrive eventually.

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Re: USPS Premium Tracking

Postby agnostic » Wed Feb 05, 2020

Silversummit wrote:but luckily they all arrive eventually.

Or at least most...knock on wood :oops:
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