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**Bullionstacker Supporter Information**

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**Bullionstacker Supporter Information**

Postby **BS Admin** » Wed Jan 28, 2015

Support Bullionstacker with a membership!

We're asking members to support the site to help pay operating costs and add new features. These memberships are completely voluntary - no obligation.

Bullionstacker's forums and marketplace are free and open for all members in good standing. We have no ads and do not accept any compensation for advertising (other than commissions from the Amazon link). We do not endorse any vendor and we do not set tracking cookies. The only cookie we set is the one that keeps you logged on. Privacy is a top priority here.

If you like the site, this is a way to support it for as little as $1/month. We'll even put a Supporter Rank under your username.

Annual Membership is available at four levels:

Silver $12
Gold $25
Turtle $50
Platinum $100

To become a supporter, send a message to BS Admin
and please include the following:

- Level of support: Silver, Gold, Turtle, Platinum
(or simply Supporter if you prefer not to disclose)

- Type of payment: Check, Cash, Money Order, PPG, Regular Paypal please add 3%.

**BS Admin** is an administrative account only.

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