2020 Giant Pumpkin

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2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby Rodebaugh » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Back by popular demand.....this is the 2020 Pumpkin thread. No one really demanded it.... but the're getting it and they're gonna like it.

I will start this thread as I did last year with my Goals, what they mean, and methods to reach them.....and because I came up short last year they mostly remain the same.

Goal #1 remains the same........I want the state record.....bad....real bad.
Goal #2 Win the Raleigh NC weigh off
Goal #3 I want to get a 1800#er to the scales
Goal #4 I want to earn a growers jacket with my father.
Goal #5 (side goal) I want to get the state record Carrot and Sunflower head.

What they mean:
1. State record is self explanatory. I want to be the grower of the largest fruit ever grown and harvested in the State of West Virginia.
2. I got third in Raleigh last year. Honestly, I'm not accustomed to losing. It's a taste I don't care for. I want 1st!
3. I said 1750# last year....and fell short. I want 1800# this year. It can be done and I am the man to do it.
4. A growers jacket is awarded to a grower or a growing team if 3 pumpkins make it to the scales for a combined total weight of 4000#'s or more. It's like winning the masters in pumpkins. You, no joke, get presented with a coolass flipping pumpkin jacket. Dad and I will form a team to get this goal.
5. A big azz carrot that will be a mystery until harvest and fun sunflowers for the children to tend.

Methods to get there:
1. I have the best seeds/most proven seeds money can buy. The genetics are there....I just need to keep the plants happy.
2. Healthy well managed plants will be the key.
3. 1800 is just a number. Honestly if Girthtrude would have gone heavy as opposed to light I would already have 1800.
4. With this being Dad's second year I expect 1-2 fruit from him at or above the 1000# mark.
5. I have some good genetic seeds for both flower and carrot. I will be starting the carrots soon in my indoor grow operation. (which has been heavily upgraded) I want an 8# carrot damnit!

Our journey together will no doubt be marked with elation, despair, trial, fear, amazement, and tons fun. There will likely be a couple contests along the way as well. Carrot weight seems like it would be a real fun one. So set back and enjoy the ride, Doc

Pumpkins to date:

pumpkin 1.jpg
pumpkin 1.jpg (455.36 KiB) Viewed 159 times

pumpkin 2.jpg
pumpkin 2.jpg (451.26 KiB) Viewed 159 times

pumpkin 3.jpg
pumpkin 3.jpg (460.15 KiB) Viewed 159 times
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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby pitw » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Good luck.
Have fun. :wave:

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby Storm Drifter » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Very cool doc, keep us posted

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby deenz » Thu Jan 16, 2020

This is an NC State Fair year for us as we go every other year. We'll be on the lookout for Rodepumpkins.

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby agnostic » Thu Jan 16, 2020

A one ton punkin.....
Has a nice ring to it :thumbup:
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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby bigjohn » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Awesome!! Subscribed

ImageImage Image

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby iratebob » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Rodebaugh wrote:5. A big azz carrot that will be a mystery until harvest
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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby shinnosuke » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Go big, Doc!

pumpkin carriage.jpg
pumpkin carriage.jpg (60.37 KiB) Viewed 122 times
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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby Brick's » Thu Jan 16, 2020

I like what you have in mind here doc. Calculating. The gears mesh well.
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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby BarsandStars » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Give em hell, Doc.

So are we all going to guess the final weight again?

If so, i'm going with 1832lbs.

damnit this year i'm going to grow those seeds you sent me a while back! So when should i start it? Indoors?

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby Yellek » Thu Jan 16, 2020

I look forward to the journey.
m r purty. I like 'em gold 'uns.

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby fredzoyt » Thu Jan 16, 2020


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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby theshoenlebens » Thu Jan 16, 2020

Nice, will be following.

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Re: 2020 Giant Pumpkin

Postby Rik Bitter » Thu Jan 16, 2020

It's said that anything worth doing is worth over-doing. I have been guilty of going all in on my hobbies as well. That said, before you go shopping for one of those spendy pedigree gourd seeds, you might want to get the boy some pants.
I'm down to the last few pieces to complete my YPS collection:
V2 100g Classic (oval YPS logo & S/N on short side) & 2oz Bullion Stacker Hex
Also any pieces with serial #17 & 18s. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale.


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