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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby SoaringEagle » Wed Jan 09, 2019

I don't know about the east coast but here on the west coast the growers jacket is a green Carhartt jacket with some embroidery.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sjn_Vn0ZlE

Best of luck to you! Keep us updated for sure.

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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby Brick's » Thu Jan 10, 2019

iratebob wrote:<snip> 3 pumpkins??? Land Water Time will be critical issues.

3 things in abundance in WVA.
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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby BarsandStars » Thu Jan 10, 2019

Rodebaugh wrote:
jareksdad wrote:Where are the seeds from girthy

Mostly distributed to US and Canadian clubs

The remaining 38...... Right here:



Uh hem..... :wave:
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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby smackvay » Thu Jan 10, 2019

Be a nice ksa item to auction one of them
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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby Rodebaugh » Thu Jan 10, 2019

smackvay wrote:Be a nice ksa item to auction one of them

Going to run a Non-profit group buy sale that benefits BullionStacker and Mountain State Giant Growers Club. :shh:

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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby gramcracker » Sat Jan 12, 2019

Rodebaugh wrote:So am I growing 3 pumpkins?.....more on that later.

Three pumpkins!?! Wow this is going to be huge!
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Re: 2019 PUMPKIN

Postby Amaths » Sun Jan 13, 2019

:clap: :thumbup:

should start thinking about the names for the triplets
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