Looking for good coin shops in Iowa

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Looking for good coin shops in Iowa

Postby Silversaving » Sat Jul 21, 2018

Any recommendations gang? Decided to fly out and visit a friend next week. After I decided and bought tickets I saw the news of all the tornadoes (just my luck). Will be flying into Des Moines, then driving south to Bloomfield. But I'll happily make a detour if anyone knows any good LCS in the area. Especially a place with any old art bars or old pours.
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Re: Looking for good coin shops in Iowa

Postby mnymgr1 » Sat Jul 21, 2018

wish I remembered the dealers name, he comes in for the very large coin shows in the chicago area, believe he was near Dubuque IA. Have bought quite a bit of stuff from him, think those 5oz Noahs in fact over a year ago that I have listed here. If I was heading to my buddies farm in western IL, it's only a 40m drive to dubuque, could have made a pilgrimage for a meetup but I haven't gotten out there for a very long time.
good luck
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