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Re: Spring

Postby AGhead » Tue Apr 16, 2019

AGhead wrote:
AGhead wrote:
AGhead wrote:I like hearing the 'whip-poor-wills'. They started April 10th this year. They always start between the 10th and 14th here in Arkansas.

Heard first 'whip-poor-will' Wednesday night the 11th. Last year was the 10th. :clap:
(I keep a log written on my shop wall for last 10+ years)

86 degrees yesterday, April 10, 2019
No Whip-or-will yet. There is a storm rolling in tonight. I bet they will be hollering tomorrow night.
I heard a turkey across the lake yesterday morn.
Ol big carpenter bees are trying to drill my deck.
I got my first Hummingbird the 2nd this month.

80 day and 65 degree last two nights, finally just heard first whip-or-will. April 16th is latest in a long long time. I recorded the 20th back in 2007. :geek: :geek:
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