World Coffee Brewers Cup Championship Brazil UPDATE

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World Coffee Brewers Cup Championship Brazil UPDATE

Postby Diggin4copper » Sun Nov 04, 2018

My Daughter Rebecca Woodard is the 2018 US Brewers Cup Champion. She is representing the USA in the World finals in Belo Horizonte, Brazil this week. 41 champions from all over the world will be competing to be the worlds best manual pour coffee brewer. Proud dad doing a little bragging :)

Just returned from Belo Horizonte Brazil, Becca finished in 14th place, pretty good for a rookie going up against some pretty seasoned competitors... Had a good week in a foreign country. Stayed safe and found a lot of very friendly people. Didn’t get sick either, so that’s a plus...
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Re: World Coffee Brewers Cup Championship this week in BeloHorizonte Brazil

Postby AGhead » Sun Nov 04, 2018

Slow down there Dad. She is at worst only number the WORLD!!! and already America's Champion!
Heck yeah, representing the USA and brewing coffee, that is outstanding!!!
Praying for Rebecca to win and her safe trip.

Brag on Dad! :thumbup:
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Re: World Coffee Brewers Cup Championship this week in BeloHorizonte Brazil

Postby Brick's » Sun Nov 04, 2018

In this case, it's totally OK to be one of ~those~ dads.

I was going to mention if she has ever used the $300/lb Gisha bean off the Calderon farm in Copey de Dota, Costa Rica and if she'd ever been to The Cup of Excellence event in CR (now on my bucket list,) but read her May '18 interview in BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE and the bean she used and realize I know nothing and she knows way more than I ever will.

Diggin', how do you keep your pride from just totally bustin' out of you?
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Re: World Coffee Brewers Cup Championship this week in BeloHorizonte Brazil

Postby ZIPS5000 » Sun Nov 04, 2018

Its illegal in most places around the US for him to walk around with his pride bustin' out of him.


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