I am broke now

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Re: I am broke now

Postby Bham » Thu Jun 14, 2018

Brick's wrote:OK, I'll get the group started. My name is John and I'm a silver whore. (Hi John).

Hi John, my name is Bham and I too am a silver whore. I too am broke. I take responsibility for 5% of my actions and blame Trump for the rest. While I recover, anyone have any fugly ASE’s really really cheap? :sick: Just to hold me over.... :?

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Re: I am broke now

Postby Silversaving » Thu Jun 14, 2018

Just found a new silver caster that took over $1100 from me this week. But I don't have a problem....nope! I can rationalize it all perfectly in my mind.
Seeking a few Rodebaugh Bars. Looking for a series #1, Fat Boy, 2015 100g, & 2012 classic bar. Also collecting the #9 serial on any of his other pieces.

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Re: I am broke now

Postby AuAgJohn » Thu Jun 14, 2018

I complained about never getting eBucks offers. I finally get them and hit the max in a little over a month. I'm dreading July getting here. I swear I don't have a problem though. :wave:

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Re: I am broke now

Postby tdtwedt » Tue Jun 19, 2018

There are more ways than one to skin a cat.

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