Made Another Year

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Re: Made Another Year

Postby mtforpar » Tue Apr 17, 2018

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Re: Made Another Year

Postby snappy » Wed Apr 18, 2018

Very cool. You've earned something pretty special. Congrats to you both.

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Re: Made Another Year

Postby grantwoodisgold » Wed Apr 18, 2018

43 years, yes sir :thumbup:

"Better 1 or 2 years early than 1 day late"

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Re: Made Another Year

Postby Jono » Wed Apr 18, 2018

Congratulations Jim and hope you guys have many many more.
Keep moving forward!!

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Re: Made Another Year

Postby trapperrick » Wed Apr 18, 2018

:thumbup: Awesome!
Congrats on your anniversary!
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