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MNY's Non-Metal Deal Page....

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2010
by mnymgr1
Hey everyone. I thought I'd throw up deals on non-metal. I love my deals, I love my free stuff. I love saving money. Hope this page helps a few of you out.

In case you were wondering, I post deals here that I am usually interested in myself. I do not post a bunch of technology deals as they are all over, might as well run yourself over to to follow those. If you do find a deal that is worth mentioning here, feel free to pm me about it OR post it here yourself.

Please do Not post comments in this thread, I try to keep this to one page or less so you guys can race thru it in under a minute.

NO EBAY DEALS here, please look in the EBAY Deal Thread for those.


for those of you big travelers by air.....

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018
by mnymgr1
this is a credit card worth taking a good look at.
I have no affiliation with this post, credit card nor receive any referrals.
I don't even have this card yet as I really don't travel much at all.
But if I did, turning 1 point into 1.5 point including transferred points from other Chase CC's including INK, well that's a pretty damn good deal.

Cost on this one is $450 annually but offset with $300 in travel credits, not to mention the $100 credit for TSA precheck that they'll pay for.

There is an Amex cc that is also amazing for travel, big annual fee but has brings access to great airport lounges throughout the world. When I run across the link for that one, will post it.

good luck, dyodd ... n-20180103

BTW, if you are a big program user for points, mileage, ebux, cashback, is also worth considering.
I have the basic free edition and that is good enough for me. I really love having all my totals on one page, where I can easily update specific programs instantly as well.

psa............kill the resort fees site

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018
by mnymgr1

worth a quick look imho

for those who use the mcdonalds app

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018
by mnymgr1
some supposedly great deals on their app thru september.
we'll see, some of them are once a day per deal, seems way too good to be true. ... on-app?v=1

UPDATE: Too good to be true but it worked.
I picked up a double fish filet today for $1, usually $5.19 here in my market.

amex card amazon........

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018
by mnymgr1
great deal guys, 20% off.
read details, signup, and voila

if I don't find stuff to buy, $400 will get you $500 to buy from my acct.
check in with me if interested. ... i_37797200


4 deals worth looking at...........

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018
by mnymgr1
Today Only, cashback portal called RetailMeNot has $15 back at on a $30+ purchase. Pretty phenomenal imho. Check out the clearance / Last Act area. I'm getting free ship as well, and I grabbed a gift card a while back at 20% my $35 cart will be -$7, -$15, so $13 after cashback. If you have a couple kids or more, great way to stock up on socks/underwear, ton of that stuff in clearance. RMN is a great portal, they seem to keep paying out $5 on Ebay purchases no matter what I buy. Limit of 5 buys per 31 days per retailer. is offering $125 cashback on $125 in purchases, points are paid out over a year, a big drawback of course, and they expire quickly as well. $15 month 1, $10 per month x 11. dyodd. If I had a sears store nearby to use the $10/month, I'd probably do this deal.

$5 on $25 purchase at ebay, mentioned above, from
if you don't have a RMN acct yet, this would be a nice way to start up using them as a tracking failure won't hurt too much. Most of my buys track just fine btw.

GoogleExpress I believe has a 25% off coupon working right now. I'm not a googleexpress user so you can probably track down some info on this at

prime/wholefoods deal

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018
by mnymgr1
grab the Whole foods app if you have a store nearby
link it to your amazon acct
get $10 credit on Prime Day after you spend $10 instore at whole foods over the next few days
dyodd, but seems like an easy $10 in case you are going to buy from amazon during prime day
granted, that $10 at WF's might buy you a single organic olive....haha....but it'll be a great great olive that I'm sure Jeff Bezos personally hand picked for you :angel: :D ... 7-11-7-17/

amazon prime day is coming.....

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018
by mnymgr1
will probably post some of the deals as I see them
here's one on phones
I have Bucks in my amazon acct to use up.
Discounts would apply if I end up buying your items for you, shipped directly to you as gifts. ... th-169?v=1

pressure cooker from kohls........

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018
by mnymgr1
not a bad price at all, remember to portal for a little bit more cashback ... -94-50?v=1

I forget if they still give rewards at kohls or they changed that program, but make sure your reward acct at kohls is linked to your actual kohls acct too. sometimes they are not, think I had to call them a long time ago to fix that.

We do have a pressure cooker and for those of you with nice large sized kitchens, not a bad product to have if you have the time to learn the machine. Find 2-4 great recipes for it and it'll probably save you time and effort. If you don't, it's a paperweight in your basement.

$20 off 60 at amazon, stacks with other Q's

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018
by mnymgr1
nice deal if you need that kinda stuff. think there's a page for shaving razors as well if you need those included brands. ... oupons?v=1

$30 back on 30 at sears, not monthly points, but they do expire in 7 days

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018
by mnymgr1 ... lments?v=1

worthwhile if you shop there/online frequently.
if you need something from them and want to double up your $30, lmk.
I have a few dozen points in my sears acct now, would love to use them up as well.

IF you happen to not concern yourself with brand names on jeans, might want to check these out for you (and your sons?). Believe I have a pair of these and they are absolutely just fine. At $10.50, you can grab 3 pairs today, different sizes or colors as need be, and tomorrow grab another 3 with the points. For $33 plus tax and shipping, less any portal cashback you will get, that is not a bad price on very useable jeans imo. If you tend to shred your jeans at work, gardening, etc, can't think of a better deal.
good luck, dyodd....most items in the clothing clearance center qualified for the $30 points offer from Sears (not Kmart) ... ockType=G6

I know I have these too, those are real lines in the pants btw, a bit more stylish, and they are comfortable to me as well ... ?rrec=true

anyone looking at big ticket items at OM/OD....

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018
by mnymgr1
here's a nice easy way to 'save' 20%
they will credit your reward acct with 20% in points for OD gift cards you buy (limit one transaction).
so buy $1k, get $200 back next month.
Not a bad way to save 20% on everything in the store, nothing should be excluded from purchasing via gift cards, except other gift cards. ... ewards?v=1