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alt coin XYO

Postby christostock » Tue May 29, 2018

Any thoughts on XYO?
What do you wizards of crypto think?
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Re: alt coin XYO

Postby Brick's » Wed May 30, 2018

Just went down the rabbit hole on this one and must have taken to long as all I had written is now gone.

More advertising than anything else so didn't look at it 'til now.

Readers Digest Version: They are XY The Findables: . Tried to fundraise thru Start Engine* but it didn't work so they did it themselves. Their tracker has competition. They are trying to be the geo location services company of Crypto and launch next year. Use their platform. tracker, and coin/token and track anything on an X, Y, coordinate anywhere on the earth along with all the other great things Crypto offers like smart contracts, decentralization, etc.

CoinMarketCap and CoinCheckup have nothing on total cap, algo strength, GitHub activity, or purpose.

I heard their ICO was ranked 4.2 of 5 by who ever does such.

HQ located in downtown San Diego across the street from a brew pub. Will check it out when we take a day trip to SD in July. Has been under $.003, currently over $.005.

*Disclosure - taking a small stake in Start Engine.
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