Tires any good ones?

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Tires any good ones?

Postby dbm300 » Sun Jan 05, 2020

SUV tires. In the old days, my Michelin tires would last 50-60K miles. The last LTX M/S 2 lasted 35K. Now the Yokohoma Geolander 55 tires are done at 37K miles. Any suggestions
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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby toddler81 » Sun Jan 05, 2020

I get continental ecotour, I think... never bothered to check mileage on them but I like the ride.
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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby Silversummit » Sun Jan 05, 2020

For my F150 4x4 and e350 work van nothing beats BF Goodrich all terrain KO2's. They are a bit pricey but handle great and get 50K . They can be slightly noisy to some people but if you have the radio on you can't hear the hum .

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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby XFactor » Sun Jan 05, 2020

Depends on where you live and what you do with them. I have always had the best with Michelin.

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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby pitw » Sun Jan 05, 2020

dbm300 wrote: Any suggestions

Change your driving habits maybe. :lol:
Have fun. :wave:

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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby AGhead » Sun Jan 05, 2020

I really been liking Hankook on all vehicles the last 15 years. Sometimes you can get a great rebate on their website.
When Sears had automotive here, I got ex's tires for buy 3 get one free.
I just put a set on my mom's Honda accord.
I also put Toyo's on my last Dodge 2500 Cummins 4x4 a few years back. (because of a buy 3 get one deal) They were good wearing tires.
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Re: Tires any good ones?

Postby Purple and Gold » Mon Jan 06, 2020

Nitto tires are good but on the expensive side.
Futura Scramblers from Pep Boys for the inexpensive tires for my truck.

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