How much is gas?

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How much is gas?

Postby MaxGravy » Thu Jan 03, 2019

How much per gallon in your part of the world?

I took this pic tonight just north of Austin. $1.75 cash price for regular. Not bad!

gas-20190103.jpg (104.74 KiB) Viewed 462 times

California has a lot of wells and refineries, just like Texas. I bet gas is cheap there too. :P
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby cmiller17363 » Thu Jan 03, 2019

Michigan here. I paid $1.81 yesterday morning.

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Southpaw » Thu Jan 03, 2019

$3.09 in my neck of the woods :roll:

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby bigjohn » Thu Jan 03, 2019

Less than 2 weeks ago, I paid $4.59 for regular in LA lol
Here in Seattle, finally sub $3 at a few gas stations (but as high as $3.79 at others)

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Diggin4copper » Thu Jan 03, 2019

2.24 today outside of boston

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Silverwildcat » Thu Jan 03, 2019

1.99 here in northern Kentucky
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby silverhead » Thu Jan 03, 2019

Low $3.xx's in SoCal now, but some stations in rip off areas >$4/

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby smackvay » Thu Jan 03, 2019

$1.79 ironton ohio
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Brick's » Thu Jan 03, 2019

$2.29 in the 'Cuse
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby silverback » Thu Jan 03, 2019

In Palawan I pay 52php per liter or about 4.00 a gallon. Good thing my motorcycle gets 125 MPG and my boat 17MPG
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby SilverDoge » Thu Jan 03, 2019

Around $2 or so in Kansas.

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Tractor Man » Thu Jan 03, 2019

silverback, they call that a motorcycle there? ;)

1.88 in So.IL
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby SilverBandit22 » Thu Jan 03, 2019

We've been bouncing around the $1.80 and $1.90 mark for a while here in Oklahoma.

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Bucketeer » Thu Jan 03, 2019

$1.94 in the sticks of central Florida.
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby CaptainW » Fri Jan 04, 2019

1.78 in Laurel, MS.

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby loosechange808 » Fri Jan 04, 2019

Just filled up at Costco today (Oahu location)... $2.56/gal. Regular.

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Re: How much is gas?

Postby lucky43113 » Fri Jan 04, 2019

1.98 in circleville ohio
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby BotanicusRex » Fri Jan 04, 2019

1.99 going through Iowa before Christmas... unleaded premium without 85
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby trapperrick » Fri Jan 04, 2019

$2.49 here in Central Pennsylvania.
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Re: How much is gas?

Postby Purple and Gold » Fri Jan 04, 2019

It depends, do you want the good stuff or the not so good? :)
Luckily a Racetrack gas station was built next to the Exxon station, every time the Racetrack lowers their price, the Exxon matches it. I try to use Exxon bc my Brother and 2 nephews work there and my Grandfather and mother retired from Exxon.
Yesterday it was $1.89

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