Old rarity scotch

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Old rarity scotch

Postby toddler81 » Wed Aug 08, 2018

Anyone know anything about this brand? Price on older bottles? Taste?
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Re: Old rarity scotch

Postby Purple and Gold » Thu Aug 09, 2018

Old Rarity Bottling Note
An old, rare bottling of blended whisky from way back when whisky came in 75cl bottles. Made by Bulloch Lade & Co Ltd, established in 1830, the company once owned Caol Ila from 1863 to 1920, so it's conceivable there's a fair amount of Caol Ila in the blend. It's a malty, old-school blend with plenty of rich, sherried character and muscular peat.

Master of Malt didnt have any reviews on this Scotch but says its a blended whiskey from the 1960's and rare

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Re: Old rarity scotch

Postby BarsandStars » Thu Aug 09, 2018

Not a fan of peaty scotch personally but sounds interesting.
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