Mega Millions

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Mega Millions

Postby bigjohn » Wed Jul 25, 2018

Looks like someone will finally take the top prize. I know of at least one BS member in San Jose and a another handful in NorCal, hope it’s one of you!

”One winning ticket was sold for the whopping $522 million Mega Millions jackpot, with a one-time cash option of $308 million, Mega Millions officials said.

The winning numbers drawn Tuesday night were 1, 2, 4, 19 and 29, with the Mega Ball number 20.

The ticket for the fifth-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history was purchased in Ernie's Liquors in San Jose, California, where a crowd of well-wishers gathered after the announcement”

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby flyingboujanero » Wed Jul 25, 2018

i was kind of hoping it was a ticket sold in Villa Park, IL.
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Re: Mega Millions

Postby Super Stacker PCB » Wed Jul 25, 2018

Whoever it was, looks like they may of got some party favors to celebrate while getting their ticket.
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Re: Mega Millions

Postby chris6084 » Wed Jul 25, 2018

I'm in Nor Cal, but I didn't buy my ticket in San Jose, so I'm not the lucky one. I haven't even looked at mine yet to see if I won a smaller prize.

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby Rosco » Thu Jul 26, 2018

have the Mega ball # 20 what do I win if anything???

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby MasterBlaster » Thu Jul 26, 2018

Rosco wrote:have the Mega ball # 20 what do I win if anything???

at least 1 "Atta Boy" :thumbup:
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Re: Mega Millions

Postby justoneguy » Thu Jul 26, 2018

Rosco wrote:have the Mega ball # 20 what do I win if anything???

$6 if you paid the extra buck

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby iron-pyrite » Thu Jul 26, 2018

Darn, I got my ticket at the wrong store, I only won $2.

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby DRP270 » Thu Jul 26, 2018

iron-pyrite wrote:Darn, I got my ticket at the wrong store, I only won $2.

You just bought it at the wrong time.

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Re: Mega Millions

Postby everything » Thu Jul 26, 2018

I was feeling desperate the other day and went out to see if any of the lottos were up, I knew mega was building because I played it like two weeks ago when it was 200 million, I was glad to see it broke, saved me some bucks. We have a local state lottery that plays every day and breaks often, I like to play it when it gets over 100k because the chances of winning are 1:169,000 and it only costs a dollar. It's a 5 pick game with 31 numbers.
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