Any Vegetarians here?

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Re: Any Vegetarians here?

Postby Purple and Gold » Mon Apr 08, 2019

Bucketeer wrote:Poach a big doe, and grind it up with 30% pork. It's the best burger you'll ever have.

My Grandparents were poor rural North La people and I remember my Grandmother making burgers this way with a little hamburger meat mixed in. Basically out of necessity. Oh How I wish i could have one of her burgers today

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Re: Any Vegetarians here?

Postby jcz1 » Tue Apr 16, 2019

For some reason, there were two different stories about the Impossible Whopper from St. Louis area writers in today's WaPo. Both say it seems to be selling well. One claimed it tastes pretty close to meat within the Whopper itself, less so all alone. Also noted was how low the bar is for fast-food burgers anyway. :lol:

They also mentioned that it costs $1 more than a regular whopper, at $5.59. The (admittedly thicker) burger shows up on Red Robin's site at over $13. :shock: ... 2d974d261f ... 7f486bd998

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