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Friends of Bullionstacker Guidelines

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013
by **BS Admin**
Friends of Bullionstacker is an area where members run their own threads. These threads may be used for trading, sharing information or updates on your latest accomplishments.

This is a free service offered to all members in good standing. Content should be relevant to bullionstacker members. Links to your website are fine, but spamming is not allowed.

An example of a Friends thread would be a member selling many items at one time. Instead of flooding the BST threads with multiple posts, a single post in the BSTs would lead members to the Friends thread where all of their items would be listed. For example, I might post something like this in the BSTs:

Maxgravy here! I have YPS copper skulls, gold turtles and platinum arrowheads now available in the Duck Boutique. Skulls are only $300! Click here for details (this being a link to my Friends thread).

General guidelines:

-Friends are responsible for maintaining their own threads. Mods will not delete or move your posts unless your listings become stale.

-Links to your own website are fine, but no spamming allowed.

-Content should be relevant to bullionstacker members.

-Friends threads will be reviewed from time to time.

-All other general rules of using bullionstacker still apply.

-Bullionstacker reserves the right to update these guidelines at any time.

Please post comments and questions in this thread.