HBO blackout on Dish

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HBO blackout on Dish

Postby AGhead » Thu Nov 01, 2018

HBO and dish are fighting.
I was scrolling the guide on Dish, HBO is blacked out. I get it for free in my dish pkg but rarely watch it so no big deal.
They have some surely liberal shows on there. Game of Thrones was good.
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Re: HBO blackout on Dish

Postby jcz1 » Thu Nov 01, 2018

There's a big fight about this, with the DOJ weighing in: "This behavior, unfortunately, is consistent with what the Department of Justice predicted would result from the merger."

WarnerMedia said that they offered to extend the current deal while discussing a new one, but Dish refused. AT&T said that they think Dish and the DOJ are collaborating to stop the merger, which is now headed to an appeals court. ... SKCN1N667O

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Re: HBO blackout on Dish

Postby Tractor Man » Thu Nov 01, 2018

I have no reference to cite, just my opinion based on observation. I think it's as simple as there's not enough money to go around anymore. People are abandoning satellite and cable TV in droves. It was bound to happen, part of the evolution, you know. The internet is killing the old TV providers just as sure as video killed the radio star.

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Re: HBO blackout on Dish

Postby Bucketeer » Fri Nov 02, 2018

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