Who got your BS cherry?

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Who got your BS cherry?

Postby AGhead » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Unable to sleep, I decided to conquer my private mssgs. I got them down to 2 pages! :clap:
A dozen of my PM pages back I was reminded of my first BS deal.
I sent a check to a dude who had aprox 1000 positive FB's, I had to wait for it to clear, and then he sent me my gold.
It was a scary but flawless transaction. The gentleman now has over 3000 positive BS feedbacks. :o

Christostock was my first. Who was yours :?:
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby tdtwedt » Thu Oct 25, 2018

There are more ways than one to skin a cat.

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby theshoenlebens » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Looks like mine was a group buy for some elephants. Ran by joshhb8192

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby rktect » Thu Oct 25, 2018

SeanDSouza. Worked out great. Can't say that I was worried though, like you said he had tons and tons of positive feedback and had been a member for some time.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby natsb88 » Thu Oct 25, 2018

My first feedback here was from HoardCopperByTheTon, who unfortunately passed away two years ago (he was only 58). I think the first deal I actually closed was with mryoga, who hasn't logged on since 2014. Then GoldGoldandGold, who has been pretty scarce the last several years.

This post made me feel old :lol:

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby eekAmouse » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Ericson Mint, mommy penguins. I had lurked for a few months before finding something I had to have.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby cmiller17363 » Thu Oct 25, 2018

TheSilverExchange was my first transaction. I don't have the slightest idea what I bought..... I have an addiction.

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby CCC2010 » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Halfhunter was my very first transaction and feedback here in the forum.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Iowacoinguy1 » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Quitquit for me, I haven't seen him on here in awhile but he always had some really good prices.

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Silvervein » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Silver Addict was my first :shock:
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby SilverStatic » Thu Oct 25, 2018

And MaxGravy got me

Silvervein wrote:Silver Addict was my first :shock:
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Brick's » Thu Oct 25, 2018

John, MnyMgr. First 3 transactions and was close to 20% of all my transactions. Less so recently for obvious reason.
Next was QQ.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Rik Bitter » Thu Oct 25, 2018

SilverStatic wrote:And MaxGravy got me

Silvervein wrote:Silver Addict was my first :shock:

My first was a Scottsdale 100g cast bar from Iwant2beu if I remember correctly. The two characters above would be my most frequent.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby xelint » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Christostock who was more than happy and patient to work with a newbie.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby christostock » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Mine was QQ - and look what he turned me into :shh: :lol:
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Tractor Man » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Mine was Mr. Ray, beauanderos. I bought some junk silver during his Thanksgiving sale. Thanksgiving 2011. I can't believe it's been that long!
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Mercuryman » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Natsb88 was my first on BS and Rodebaugh on realcent almost 7 years ago. Great community of people on both sites!
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Purple and Gold » Thu Oct 25, 2018

SilverNW (posted FB on July 15 2009) and then Louisiana Gold a few days later. Two great guys who unfortunately are not active anymore :|

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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby agnostic » Thu Oct 25, 2018

Familycoin was my first time. He was gentle.
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Re: Who got your BS cherry?

Postby Mother lode » Thu Oct 25, 2018

QuitQuit. I remember it well. :oops: Where are you QQ? :cry:

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