Here we go again

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Mr. Ed
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Here we go again

Postby Mr. Ed » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Some will recall that I had a stint put in right around this time 2 years ago. I was just informed that I will be going into the Hospital on Christmas day for open Hart surgery on the morning of the 26th for a bypass. I should have gotten another stint but the artery looks like the tail of the Dragon and is not an option. It sucks like you cant imagine and I am not looking for any sympothy here, just maybe say a few words for me on Christmas ;) Mostly wanted to let folks know that I will be spending limited time here for the next week or so and wanted to wish all my friends a very merry Christmas.

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Re: Here we go again

Postby christostock » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Prayers for you and your family Mr Ed.
Wishing you well.
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Re: Here we go again

Postby BigJim#1-8 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Prayers for you, yours, & guidance for the Dr's.
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Re: Here we go again

Postby blackrabbit » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Sending some healing prayers your way. Merry Christmas!

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Re: Here we go again

Postby tdtwedt » Wed Dec 20, 2017

I have confidence all will go smooth and you will recover quickly. :thumbup:

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Re: Here we go again

Postby agnostic » Wed Dec 20, 2017

All the best, Mr.Ed. We'll keep the fire going.

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Re: Here we go again

Postby CCC2010 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

I will say a prayer for your quick and complete recovery Mr. Ed. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :turtle:
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Re: Here we go again

Postby bigjohn » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Will be sending you positive thoughts my friend!

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Re: Here we go again

Postby Purple and Gold » Wed Dec 20, 2017

In our thoughts and prayers. We hope you feel like a new man soon. Hurry Back

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Re: Here we go again

Postby silverhoarder3 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Thoughts and prayers with you my friend. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Re: Here we go again

Postby MaxGravy » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Godspeed Mr. Ed. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
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Re: Here we go again

Postby natsb88 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Best wishes Mr. Ed!

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Re: Here we go again

Postby Blue Angel » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Take care of yourself Turtle Man. Heck, these days the heart procedures are pretty routine. I will put in a good word to the man though...

Soon as you get well, we can begin planning a trip to watch the World Champion Houston Astros play a game.

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Re: Here we go again

Postby LittleAbner » Wed Dec 20, 2017

I'm sorry to hear it Mr Ed. Hope all goes well.

Will Helen be there to hold you hand or is she too busy with member support? :)

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Re: Here we go again

Postby iron-pyrite » Wed Dec 20, 2017

prayers and thoughts stacker in arms

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Re: Here we go again

Postby Silversaving » Wed Dec 20, 2017

I had 3 stents put in this year after losing my right coronary artery as well as a few smaller ones. Yeah it's probably going to suck, but you'll get through it. Times like this I try to focus on how lucky we are to have the best healthcare in the world for stuff like this. I'll send up a prayer for you on Christmas.
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Re: Here we go again

Postby Operadad » Wed Dec 20, 2017

TWO of your local hospitals are known for doing really good work .. surely you will be at one or the other...
prayers for you and yours, as always brother....

I had open heart in early march of 2013 here in blockages; repaired by 5 bypasses..
. when I woke up , I had a coughing fit, which hurt a bit.... but as soon as I had cleared my lungs, I knew the surgery had been the right thing to do .... may your experience be at least as good as mine...

if you need any info about the process... I will gladly tell you what to expect..

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Re: Here we go again

Postby Ultmetree » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Wish you a speedy recovery

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Re: Here we go again

Postby chiro1974 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Will keep you in my thoughts. Merry Christmas.

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Re: Here we go again

Postby cmiller17363 » Wed Dec 20, 2017

Sending prayers your way, Mr. Ed.

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