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Re: Tether

Postby MaxGravy » Fri Apr 27, 2018

Long John wrote:
BarsandStars wrote:Not to be rude but I noticed all you do is post links to that same website. Am i the only one that feels like we're being trolled by this guy?

Yeah, I realized that after I went to the trouble of explaining Tether. I checked his other posts, and felt pretty stupid for not noticing his username contains the name of the site he's trying to send people to. He's only here (and probably other places) to shill that site.

He's been deactivated and shill links removed.
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Re: Tether

Postby SilverDoge » Mon May 21, 2018

A replacement for tether incoming? TrueUSD sounds much better than Tether according to Chris, and works based on Ethereum smart contracts:


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